Australian Platinum Coins

Buy Australian Platinum coins from carries a wide range of Australian gold, silver, and platinum coins manufactured by the Perth Mint, including the platinum Platypus, platinum Kangaroo, and platinum Lunar series coins. Circulated and uncirculated coins are available. 

Investing in Australian Platinum Coins

Coins from Australia's Perth Mint are some of the best options for platinum coins available to investors. They not only carry the value of their weight in platinum, but they often develop some numismatic value over time. Many investors look to buy specific years of Perth Mint platinum coins. The coin's design is updated annually, which can motivate clients to purchase the coins based on the year of minting.  

 The Perth Mint is Australia's official bullion mint and is responsible for minting all legal tender bullion coins and precious metals bars on behalf of the government of Australia. The Mint has one of the best reputations worldwide, and its coins are known for their beautiful designs.

Platinum Coins from Perth Mint

The Perth Mint produces a number of specialty bullion products, but there are two that truly stand out on a global scale. Collectors and investors alike seek out these coins in large numbers every year because of their collectability and quality.

While we will only cover the platinum versions in the following sections, both of these coin series are available in numerous metal options.

Platinum Kangaroos:

Platinum Kangaroos are some of the most popular bullion coins in the world; not just in Australia. These coins were originally gold “nuggets" because they featured golden nuggets on the obverse side initially, but the design was switched to the iconic kangaroo shortly after the first batch of gold nuggets was produced.

Each year or so, the Kangaroo series features a new depiction of kangaroos in various poses on both the obverse and reverse sides. Though initially released in gold, the coins were also released in 2016 in silver and platinum, due to the popularity of the gold Kangaroo.

Each coin contains 1 ounce of pure platinum, and they come packaged in protective slips.

Platinum Lunar Coins:

The Perth Mint also produces a series known as the Lunar series in platinum. This coin series is dedicated to the Chinese zodiac, and it features coins with artistic depictions of each animal in the zodiac. Collecting a full set from any given year is sure to add collectible value to the coins, and that’s one of the biggest strengths of the series. This series is also available in gold, silver, and platinum.

Why Invest in Platinum?

Platinum is a high-value metal that is necessary for the functioning of several industries. Its demand by certain sectors, including the medical technology, green energy, and automotive sectors confirms that demand for platinum will remain strong. The relative scarcity of the metal will ensure any investor of the long-term prospects for platinum.

With those traits combined, platinum is one of the best metals to complement gold in a portfolio.

Buying Platinum from Swiss Bullion

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