Platinum Coins

Platinum is a member of the platinum group metals and a popular investment option for individuals looking to purchase physical bullion. Both platinum and palladium are significantly rarer than gold or silver. Platinum coins are produced by some of the world's most prominent precious metals refineries. These include the Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint, the United States Mint, and the Perth Mint. Popular platinum coins include the platinum Eagle, platinum Maple Leaf, platinum Britannia, and platinum Kangaroo. Increasing demand for platinum coins has led to the release of several existing coin series being launched in platinum. These include the platinum Krugerrand and the platinum philharmonic. Platinum coins are primarily available in 1 Ounce sizes. Coins are available for VAT-exempt Swiss storage or delivery worldwide. 

Why You Should Invest in Platinum

Platinum has quickly become a staple for any precious metal investor. Its high value and demand, and its reliable market stability, make it the perfect addition to gold or silver that is already in your portfolio.

Platinum tends to behave similarly to silver. It generally increases in price when the economy is doing well. However, unlike silver, platinum rarely shows significant drops in value. This is largely due to its use in several major industries, and some of the most crucial components of must-have products, such as vehicles, require platinum.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal found significantly further into the Earth’s crust than silver or gold. It’s also incredibly difficult to process. This is a major reason behind its high price; it’s simply difficult to acquire, and then harder to process without wasting material.

In fact, it is so difficult to process that platinum put tremendous stress on the jewelry industry until a young man named Wilhem Heraeus, the apothecary shop owner who started the refining aspect of Heraeus in 1851, developed a way to smelt it into useful amounts quickly.

However, despite how difficult it is to work with, it’s a crucial part of several industries. The most notable use of platinum is in the automotive industry. It is a must-have part of catalytic converters. So, every vehicle manufactured has a need for a considerable amount of platinum.

That is largely what makes it such a stable and high-value metal.

What Affects Platinum’s Price?

Platinum fluctuates according to the patterns we highlighted earlier because of its use in various industries.

When the economy is booming, and there is consumer demand for cars and products from other industries that rely on platinum, manufacturers have to increase their production rates. That means that they need more platinum and the price rises. However, when the economy isn’t doing well, and manufacturers don’t need to produce as many products or parts to meet their audience’s demands, platinum isn’t as in-demand, and the price drops or holds.

Buying Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are some of the best products to purchase to add platinum to your investment portfolio. They’re small and easy to store, typically carry collector value as well, and offer a larger variety than just plain platinum bars.

However, that also complicates your purchasing decision. There are so many specialty coins available in platinum that you might have trouble choosing one that’s right for you.

We recommend the platinum Maple Leaf.

Maple Leaf Coins:

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf coins are popular around the world. They feature a highly detailed depiction of the country’s famous maple leaf symbol, and Queen Elizabeth II adorns the back. These 1-ounce coins are among the most detailed in the bullion world, and while easily accessible, they carry substantial collector’s value.

VAT-Free Platinum Coins

VAT can drive up the price of your platinum investments, but Swiss Bullion provides VAT-free storage in secure Swiss vaults for all European clients purchasing platinum. VAT-free secure storage is included free of charge for the first 180 days. For clients that do not wish to store their bullion, global delivery is also available.

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