Valcambi is one of Switzerland's most recognised precious metals refinery, and the manufacturer makes a number of platinum bars that are popular with investors, including the 1 Ounce Platinum Bar and the 50-gram Platinum Combibar. Valcambi also manufactures platinum bars for Credit Suisse, which are available to retail platinum investors from All Valcambi platinum bars are manufactured to a minimum fineness of 999.5. Valcambi platinum bars are available for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland and for worldwide delivery.

About Valcambi Platinum Bars

Although Valcambi is a relatively new refinery, its reputation is renowned worldwide. It consistently puts out some of the best-looking bullion bars available. The bars produced by Valcambi don’t tend to be specialty bars, and the company mostly sells standard cast and mint bars with exceptional attention to detail.

Valcambi offers everything from smaller-sized minted bars to larger cast options. In fact, their platinum bars are offered in one of the widest ranges of sizes available on the market, from 1 gram all the way to 1 kilogram. 

Valcambi is owned by Rahjesh Exports Limited, a respected company that owns some of the most successful and reliable brands on the planet.

Why Buy Valcambi Platinum?

Buying Valcambi over other brands is a good idea for two reasons.

First, you have a lot of options. Valcambi offers platinum bars in both minted and cast styles, and they also make their famous combibar in platinum. 

All of Valcambi's platinum bars are made to a very high standard. Even their cast bars feature sharp details. Their mint bars are immaculate. Despite the company's attention to quality, these bars are designed for bullion investors - those looking to buy platinum bars purely for investment purposes. 

Investing in Platinum as Part of a Precious Metals Portfolio

Platinum is an essential part of any precious metal portfolio. Its behaviour is closer to silver than gold, however, the factor that sets the metal apart is its scarcity. Platinum production is only about 3% of that of gold, making the metal much more susceptible to market conditions. 

Platinum is used by a number of industries around the world, one of which is the automobile industry. It’s used to create catalytic converters. This means that, when cars are being purchased frequently due to a good economy, the price of platinum rises. When that’s not happening, and the economy is poor, platinum holds its value.

In some cases, platinum has held its value during predictable downturns even more effectively than gold. This, combined with its market fluctuation patterns, makes it the perfect advanced counterpart to gold assets. 

Buying Valcambi Platinum from Swiss Bullion

Swiss Bullion sells platinum bars to clients worldwide and accepts numerous international and domestic currencies to ensure smooth transactions. Clients of Swiss Bullion may choose between worldwide delivery and VAT-free secure storage.

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