Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is one of the most prominent names in physical precious metal bars. The Swiss bank was the first bank to introduce a series of gold bars available in smaller sizes for retail investor clients. Both Credit Suisse and UBS remain the two most prominent banks in the precious metals industry. Credit Suisse platinum bars are recognised worldwide. These bars are primarily sold in 1 Ounce and 10 Ounce sizes but are also available in smaller sizes. Credit Suisse platinum bars are available for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland and for worldwide delivery. 

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal found deep beneath the Earth’s surface. That makes it difficult to source, and it’s also quite difficult to process. In fact, platinum almost ruined the German jewelry industry in the 1850s until the original owner of Heraeus (a top European bullion brand that is still family-owned) devised a way to speed up the smelting process and make it more efficient.

Platinum is used for jewelry making, catalytic converters and other car parts, medical equipment, implants, industrial machinery, tool parts, and much more.

What Affects the Platinum Price?

Platinum's price is affected by its supply and its demand. Platinum is very difficult to source and process. The metal is also necessary for a number of different industries, and its demand continues to increase. The metal's high demand coupled with its low availability are the reason why platinum is so expensive. 

Industrial use also impacts market fluctuation patterns.

When the industries using platinum are in a state of growth, which is usually when the economy is doing well, the price of platinum increases significantly. Industries, such as the medical technology and automotive industries need the metal in order to make key components of their products.  However, when the economy trends downward and companies slow down production, the price of platinum holds.

One good thing about platinum is that its demand generally continues to grow while supply is limited, which means that its price rarely sees significant drops. If there is a significant drop in the metal's price, it may signify a good time to buy it, as it is unlikely to remain low for long. 

Platinum Bars from Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse offers some of the most reliable platinum bars on the market. This is because of the reputation Credit Suisse has built. Credit Suisse is the largest banking entity in the world, and it has a major impact on every major financial institution around the globe.

Credit Suisse doesn’t make bullion in-house, but it does oversee the production of bullion bearing its name, and it consistently puts out high-quality, reliable bullion products. With that being said, it doesn’t produce a lot of specialty bars, or even many basic bars. It tends to sell the basic bullion bars that are standard in the industry, and they come in cast or mint in a variety of sizes.

Why Buy Bullion from Credit Suisse?

The reputation that Credit Suisse has is the main reason to purchase platinum from it rather than another brand. As we highlighted earlier, Credit Suisse is Switzerland's premier private bank. It is a major part of the investment world, and it’s tied to every global financial institute. Credit Suisse's platinum bars are manufactured by Valcambi, a Swiss refinery that was previously owned by the Swiss bank. 

Buying Credit Suisse Bullion for Delivery or Storage

At Swiss Bullion, we carry Credit Suisse bullion products and more from the top brands in the industry. We accept numerous domestic and international currencies, and we offer global delivery. We also offer secure bullion storage that is VAT-exempt for all platinum bars for clients who do not wish to pay VAT on their purchases. VAT-free storage is free of charge for the first 180 days. 

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