Platinum Bars

Buy Platinum bars from Swiss Bullion. Swiss Bullion carries a wide range of platinum bullion bars, ranging in sizes from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram. Gram denominated bars, including 1-ounce and 10-ounce bars, are also available. Argor-Heraeus, Heraeus, Royal Mint, Baird & Co., PAMP, Valcambi, UBS, and Credit Suisse are some of the brands available to clients. 

Why Should I Buy Platinum?

Platinum is an essential asset for any precious metal investor nowadays. While most people understand the importance of gold and silver, they sometimes fail to understand the role of platinum in the industry.

Platinum fluctuates similarly to silver. Both metals increase in price when the market is good, and they decrease or hold when the market isn’t doing as well.

Platinum is in-demand in several of the top industries and is more difficult to source and process than gold or silver. 

This makes platinum a great way to offset drops in the price of gold, and because platinum is used differently and its price is more stable, it will add a considerable level of resiliency to your portfolio.

What is Platinum and What Makes its Price Move?

Platinum is a precious metal found deeper in the Earth’s crust than silver or similar metals. It’s also quite difficult to process. That makes it relatively rare, and in fact, it is much rarer than gold. This is partially what gives platinum its high price.

That price moves because of how it’s used. Platinum is a major resource in most industries. For example, the automotive industry must have platinum to make catalytic converters. There’s obviously the jewelry industry, but the healthcare industry also uses platinum. When the economy is up, and people are buying cars, more readily going to the hospital, or purchasing luxury jewelry, the price of platinum rises. When the market is down, industries cut back on production, and that makes the price hover.

Buying Platinum Bars

There are five main brands producing high-quality bars that Swiss Bullion recommends, and they’re all globally renowned.


PAMP is the most decorated refinery in Switzerland, and it produces some of the world’s most renowned bars. You can find standard cast and mint bars that bear the same standard labeling as other basic bars, but the top bar in PAMP’s product lineup is the Fortuna series.


Argor-Heraeus is a sister company of Heraeus; the largest family-owned business in Germany with 200 years of industry innovation. This brand supplies bars that combine Swiss quality and German innovation.


The majority stake owner of Argor-Heraeus, the Heraeus refinery was the first refinery to develop a method for smelting platinum that saved the jewelry industry in the 1850s. This family-owned company is known for innovation and quality.


Valcambi is part of the Rahjesh Export Limited Group, and it is most well-known for creating the highest quality bars possible. Every bar, including the cast bars, leaves the Valcambi refinery with the finest polish and most accurate measurements.

Credit Suisse:

Credit Suisse is the world’s largest banking institution, and while it does not produce bullion in-house, it does oversee the production of bullion bearing its name; the bullion bars by Credit Suisse are regarded as some of the finest.

Where to Buy Platinum Bars

Swiss Bullion accepts numerous global currencies, delivers globally, and has a wide variety of bullion products available.

Our European clients enjoy VAT-free platinum storage and delivery.

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