Investment Platinum

Buy investment platinum from carries a wide range of competitively priced platinum bars for investors worldwide. Bars and coins are available in lots of 10 pieces. Brands such as PAMP, Argor-Heraeus, and Royal Canadian Mint platinum bars and coins are available. Platinum products can be purchased for worldwide delivery and secure VAT-free storage.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal that is part of the Platinum Group Metals (or PGMs). Other PGMs include palladium and rhodium. Platinum is an extremely durable metal that is used predominantly in the jewelry and manufacturing industries. This includes crucial parts for the automotive industry and industrial equipment industries.

Platinum is a difficult metal to process, and it wasn’t until 1857 when Wilhelm Heraeus, of the renowned Heraeus company, discovered a way to smelt it in large enough quantities to be as viable as it is today. This processing difficulty, along with the difficulty of sourcing substantial amounts of platinum, is a driving factor behind its high price. Its high demand in various industries is the primary cause for its relative market stability.

How is Platinum Priced?

Platinum's manufacturing and industrial usage are key factors in its pricing. It’s a core component in some of the most important products on the market. For example, the automotive industry uses it to produce catalytic converters and various other parts that are essential to modern cars.

As such, when the economy is doing well, the price of platinum goes up dramatically. This is because the companies producing items with it require larger amounts of it at any given time. Since platinum is hard to find and process, its price is very sensitive to changes in demand.

Investment Platinum from carries a wide range of platinum products. While specific items are available to all clients, Swiss Bullion's investment range is catered to investors looking to buy platinum solely based on its price. Investment bars and coins are both available. Investment platinum products are sold based on current excess inventory, and clients receive a discount on the price as compared to purchasing specific brands. For clients buying platinum as an investment, this is the best option available. 

Why Buy Investment Platinum?

Swiss Bullion sells a wide range of platinum products. However, if your sole purpose is to buy platinum purely as an investment, then investment in platinum products is the best option. The platinum supplied is based on the current excess inventory. 

All platinum products supplied are guaranteed to be at least 999 fine investment-grade platinum bars or coins. 

VAT-Free Platinum Storage

At Swiss Bullion, we offer VAT-free platinum storage to all clients. This helps minimize the purchase cost while providing safe and secure storage in our Swiss vaults.

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