2024 Platinum Coins

Explore the range of 2024 Platinum Coins at Swiss Bullion, featuring pristine and uncirculated platinum Eagles, Maples, Philharmonics, and Kangaroos. Swiss Bullion offers these coins individually or in wholesale quantities, with options for global delivery and secure storage.

Investing in 2024 Platinum Products:

Investing in platinum is a smart move, and the 2024 platinum coins are a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. While the intrinsic value of platinum is significant, the year of minting (as well as coins that are released in limited mintages) can add collectible value, particularly for specialty coins and bars. Furthermore, all 2024 platinum coins are available in new and uncirculated condition.

Newly Released 2024 Platinum Coins:

All newly released platinum coins are conisdered legal tender and are backed by their respective governments. The 2024 collection includes:

  • 2024 Platinum Philharmonic: From the Austrian Mint, this coin continues to showcase the iconic instruments of the Vienna orchestra and the Music Hall's Great Organ, with the only change being the year.
  • 2024 Platinum Maple Leaf: Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, this series is known for its detailed maple leaf design and features King Charles III, now replacing Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 2024 Platinum Britannia Coins: The Royal Mint's Platinum Britannia maintains its classic design featuring King Charles IIII and the armored Britannia.
  • 2024 Platinum Kangaroo: The Australian Kangaroo coins, issued annually by the Perth Mint, are a must-have for collectors valuing unique imagery.

New Vs. Circulated Platinum Coins:

New platinum coins are in mint condition, untouched and in original packaging since leaving the refinery. Circulated coins, while previously distributed, still hold value based on their platinum content, making them a sound investment choice. This is another reason that investors often prefer newly released coins.

Why Choose Swiss Bullion for Platinum Coins?

Swiss Bullion accepts more than 15 global currencies as well as cryptocurrencies, and offers an extensive selection of platinum products. Platinum coins may be purchased for worldwide delivery or secure VAT-free precious metals storage. 

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