Swiss Palladium Bars

Switzerland maintains one of the world's highest standards for the manufacturing of precious metal bars, including palladium bars. Swiss palladium bars are manufactured by one of four major precious metals refineries - Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Valcambi, and Credit Suisse. Additionally, both Credit Suisse and UBS issue their own palladium bars which are also manufactured by Valcambi and Argor-Heraeus respectively. All palladium bars manufactured in Switzerland meet all international standards in addition to the SNB's precious metals standards - these include the LBMA, the LPPM, and the COMEX. All palladium bars manufactured in Switzerland have a minimum fineness of 999 fine. 

Swiss palladium bars are a great way to diversify a portfolio with high-value assets. All Swiss palladium bars sold by are of the highest quality, and they have a place in the portfolio of investors and collectors alike.

How to Invest in Palladium Bars?

Investing in palladium bars is a fairly simple process with, which gives clients the option to purchase physical palladium bars either for global delivery or for VAT-free storage. 

Palladium prices fluctuate with changes in supply and demand for the metal. However, palladium generally tends to appreciate during periods of economic strength. This is due to the fact that several major industries, including the automobile industry, are reliant upon palladium for production. 

Swiss Palladium Bars

Swiss palladium bars generally come from four world-renowned refineries in Switzerland. If you purchase from one of the following brands, you can trust that you’re receiving a high-quality product that exceeds industry standards.


Argor-Heraeus is one of the world’s top refineries, and it’s a sister company of the world-renowned Heraeus brand that has operated since 1851.

Argor-Heraeus is known for innovating the features and quality of bullion and setting trends that change the industry for the better. There are few brands that match this Swiss refiner.


Valcambi is a refinery focused on ensuring each of its bullion bars not only meets the top industry standards but exceeds them as well. Whether they are cast bars or mint, all of the bars leaving the Valcambi refinery are known for having the finest polished, most intricate details, and highest purity.


PAMP is one of the most well-known refineries in bullion. While not as old as most other Swiss refineries, it focuses on product quality, artistic depictions, and even collectability. With the brand’s high public recognition and reputation in the investment world, its products are easy to acquire and liquidate. This is also the only brand in Switzerland to simultaneously hold the most accolades at once.

Credit Suisse:

While not a refinery, Credit Suisse is the largest banking institution in the world, and it plays a part in nearly every financial institution’s daily business processes. The prominence of Credit Suisse, and its global reputation for investment services, banking, and bullion production oversight, make it a brand that you can trust to provide consistent results.

Credit Suisse palladium bars are manufactured by Valcambi on behalf of the bank.

Buying VAT-Free Swiss Palladium sells palladium VAT-exempt for clients who would prefer to store the bullion securely. This is because no VAT is payable unless a client takes delivery.'s secure Swiss bullion storage option is included free of charge for the first 180 days. Once palladium is in storage, clients may manage their account 24/7, and select at any time to sell their bullion back to, or to request delivery. VAT-free bullion storage is available for all silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium products.

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