Valcambi has one of the most diverse ranges of palladium bars available to investors, including their most popular Valcambi combi bar which is available in a 50-gram size in palladium. Valcambi palladium bars are recognised worldwide, and all bars have a minimum fineness of 999.5. Valcambi also manufactures Credit Suisse palladium bars on behalf of the bank. All Valcambi palladium bars are available for VAT-exempt storage in Zurich, Switzerland, or for delivery.

About Valcambi Palladium Bars

Valcambi is a Swiss company owned by Rajesh Exports Limited; one of the world’s largest corporate groups, and one that has produced a number of the world’s finest products. Valcambi’s palladium bars are no different. In fact, Valcambi consistently produces bars that exceed the quality of most other refineries with its incredible attention to detail and dedication to quality.

Valcambi’s palladium bars come in a variety of sizes, all featuring the same design.

You will find the obverse inscribed with Valcambi’s branding and all of the industry’s standard identifying labels, and the reverse of each bar features the standard repeating pattern with Valcambi branding for security purposes and extra detail.

Each bar is packaged in the CertiCard packaging considered the bullion world’s best packaging option, and an assay is provided to ensure that verifying the bar’s authenticity and quality is an easy process. It should be noted that larger bars (larger than 100 grams) are sold with a separate certificate and not sealed in a Certicard due to their weight.

Why Buy Valcambi Bullion?

You might be wondering why you should purchase Valcambi bullion over one of the other high-quality brands available. It’s all in the brand’s dedication to quality.

There are benefits to brands such as PAMP or Credit Suisse, but when you purchase a Valcambi bar, it is certain to stand out among the other items in your portfolio, and the company's reputation ensures that your investment will be easier to liquidate if necessary.

Investing in Palladium as Part of a Precious Metal Portfolio

When many new investors consider precious metals, they often only think of gold and silver. Even many advanced investors stop at platinum. However, that’s not the most effective way to diversify a portfolio, anymore.

Palladium isn’t just a more modern precious metal; it’s a necessary one that is unlikely to ever fall out of relevancy.

Palladium has unique conductive properties that make it crucial in the development of electronic products, and components for everything from cars to tools, and more. It’s also a fairly difficult precious metal to source and process, and that makes its price much higher than metals such as silver.

Likewise, it can offset the fallbacks of gold assets with its high value and market behaviors. Palladium rises in price when the economy is doing well and manufacturing is booming, but it holds incredibly well when the economy takes a downturn. Palladium's scarcity tends to keep its price high, which benefits investors.

Buying Valcambi Palladium Bars from Swiss Bullion

Adding palladium assets to your portfolio is a solid investment decision. sells a wide range of palladium bullion products, including Valcambi palladium bars. Payment is accepted in a wide variety of international currencies, and both global shipping and secure bullion storage are available. SwissBullion's vault storage option offers clients the option to buy palladium VAT-free, as no VAT is payable on palladium placed into storage. also offers guaranteed buyback of all palladium bars that are kept in storage.

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