PAMP is one of Switzerland's main precious metals refineries, and one of the most recognised names in precious metals worldwide. PAMP palladium bars are popular not only for their reputation and recognisability but also for their beautiful design. The PAMP Palladium bar series is part of the PAMP Fortuna series, which depicts an image of Lady Fortuna on the front. All PAMP palladium bars have a minimum fineness of 999.5, and are recognised by all major precious metals bodies worldwide, including the LBMA, LPPM, and the COMEX. Bars are available for VAT-exempt storage in Zurich Switzerland or for delivery worldwide.

Investing in PAMP Palladium Bars

PAMP is one of the most decorated mints and refineries in all of Switzerland, or even the world, for that matter. When you invest in PAMP palladium, you invest in more than just a reliable metal asset; you invest in a brand name that instills confidence. You invest in quality and reliability.

PAMP consistently puts out the highest quality bars on the market, and its bars are incredibly easy to access. sells a wide range of PAMP Suisse bullion products, including PAMP Fortuna bars in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Why Buy PAMP Palladium?

First, you have to understand why palladium is a good investment before you can consider the value PAMP adds to the investment.

Palladium is an incredibly reliable metal to invest in despite it being relatively new on the market. The metal is difficult to process and carries a high value, but it’s also in extremely high demand. It’s used by almost every industry, and it’s a key part of the core components powering the consumer, industrial, and healthcare sectors.

Beyond being in-demand long-term, palladium also compliments gold perfectly.

PAMP adds value to an investment in palladium for several reasons. First, you can trust PAMP’s palladium products based on the company's reputation. Additionally, PAMP palladium products are available in a range of sizes, from 1 gram up to 10 ounces. This allows clients greater flexibility to buy PAMP palladium bars in the sizes they prefer.

The PAMP Fortuna Series in Palladium

The PAMP Fortuna series is currently available in palladium. The Fortuna series is PAMP's most popular series and features a beautiful image of Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck. These bars are simplistic yet elegant in design and created for investment purposes.

On the obverse of a Fortuna palladium bar, you’ll find a detailed depiction of Fortuna herself clad in Roman armor with riches pouring into her hands. On the reverse, you’ll find a standard bullion bar backing.

These bars are available in a number of sizes and metal choices, and they come sealed in CertiCard packaging. Each bar includes an assay to quickly and reliably verify its authenticity.

Buying PAMP Palladium from

Swiss Bullion offers clients the option to pay in a number of currencies, and worldwide delivery or secure storage are both possible. VAT-free secure storage is also available on all silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium purchases.

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