Argor Heraeus

One of Switzerland's four most prominent precious metals refineries, Argor-Heraeus is a producer of palladium bars. Argor-Heraeus palladium bars are available in a range of sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, and multigram palladium bars are also available. Argor Heraeus palladium bars are recognised as being manufactured to some of the world's highest standards and are also recognised by the LBMA, the LPPM, and the COMEX. For individuals looking to buy palladium bars to add to a portfolio, Argor-Heraeus palladium bars are an excellent choice.

Investing in Argor-Heraeus Palladium Bars

Investing in Argor-Heraeus bars is a solid choice. The bars are manufactured from high-quality palladium and also come with the confidence-instilling reputation of the Argor-Heraeus brand. Argor-Heraeus's brand reputation is rarely matched or surpassed in the bullion world.

Argor-Heraeus is a joint venture helmed by Heraeus; the oldest and largest family-owned company in Germany, and one of the most innovative bullion distributors in the world.

This ensures that, beyond gaining the high-value benefits of palladium, you get a product you can trust.

Is Palladium Worth Adding to Your Portfolio?

Gold and silver are typically seen as the two must-have portfolio metals in the investment world. That might make you think twice about adding palladium, but palladium is actually the perfect asset to add to a predominantly gold and silver portfolio.

Palladium is very rare, and it is also difficult to mine. This limits the supply of the metal. However, it is also necessary for use in catalytic converters to reduce carbon emissions. This demand has increased significantly in the last decade, and is only likely to continue growing. This mix of scarce supply and increasing demand are what is likely to continue to strengthen palladium's price over time.

Argor-Heraeus Palladium

Argor-Heraeus provides a number of options for its palladium bars.

First, all of the bars are made of 999% pure palladium, and all of the standard identification labels are present on the face of their bars; with the backs varying depending on the model of the bar.

Argor-Heraeus' palladium bars come in a wide variety of sizes from 1 gram to 100 grams, and each product comes individually packaged in CertiCard packaging for protection.

Assays are also provided to ensure you can easily and reliably verify the quality and authenticity of each bar.

Buying Argor-Heraeus Palladium Bars from sells Argor-Heraeus palladium bars in a wide range of sizes.

A large variety of the most commonly used international currencies are accepted, and's selection of bullion products ranges much further than Argor-Heraeus palladium bars. The complete range of Argor-Heraeus bullion products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars are available. 

Clients of can select to have their palladium delivered worldwide. However, VAT-Free secure Swiss storage of all palladium purchases is also possible. This allows European clients purchasing palladium to avoid VAT fees. Although VAT-free storage particularly benefits European investors, it is available to all clients. 

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