2024 Platinum Bars and Coins

Platinum Coins 2024

SwissBullion.eu offers a diverse selection of 2024 platinum bullion coins, ideal for investors seeking to diversify their precious metals portfolio. Platinum coins are available in various sizes, from 1 ounce to smaller fractional denominations. Our collection includes popular coins such as the Platinum Maple Leaf, Platinum American Eagle, Platinum Britannia, Platinum Kangaroo, and Platinum Philharmonic. All platinum coins are available for VAT-exempt storage in Zurich, Switzerland, or for worldwide delivery. Purchases can be made using Bitcoin, Altcoins, Euros, US Dollars, Swiss Francs, and Pounds Sterling.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a rare and valuable metal, named after the Spanish word 'platina,' meaning "little silver." Discovered by Spanish explorers in 1735, it was officially recognized as an element in 1774, with the chemical symbol Pt and atomic number 78. Platinum is primarily found in South Africa, Russia, the USA, and Colombia, often alongside other Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) like Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, and Osmium. Annual platinum production is significantly lower than gold, making it a unique and sought-after investment.

Why Invest in Platinum Coins?

1. Scarcity and Value: Platinum is much rarer than gold or silver, with annual production around 8 million ounces. This rarity contributes to its high value and potential for price appreciation.
2. Economic Sensitivity: Platinum prices are influenced by economic and labor conditions in major producing countries, primarily South Africa and Russia. This sensitivity can create investment opportunities.
3. Industrial Demand: Platinum's extensive use in automotive catalytic converters, electronics, and jewelry drives consistent demand, making it a valuable industrial metal.
4. Historical Performance: While platinum prices peaked in 2008, the metal continues to be a valuable long-term investment, especially when its price dips below that of gold.

Popular 2024 Platinum Coins

1. Platinum Maple Leaf: Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Platinum Maple Leaf is renowned for its purity and beautiful design, making it a top choice among investors.
2. Platinum American Eagle: Issued by the US Mint, this coin features 9995 fine platinum and is highly popular among global investors for its quality and trustworthiness.
3. Platinum Britannia: Produced by the Royal Mint, the Platinum Britannia contains 9995 fine platinum and is a favorite among UK and European investors.
4. Platinum Kangaroo: The Perth Mint's Platinum Kangaroo is known for its iconic design and high purity, making it a valuable addition to any portfolio.
5. Platinum Philharmonic: The Austrian Mint's Platinum Philharmonic, with its Euro legal tender value and exquisite design, is particularly popular among European investors.

Platinum Coins for Delivery or Storage

Clients of SwissBullion.eu can choose between secure VAT-exempt storage in Zurich, Switzerland, or worldwide delivery for their platinum coins. VAT-exempt storage offers significant savings, especially for EU investors. Clients can sell their stored platinum coins back to SwissBullion.eu at favorable rates or request delivery at any time, providing both security and flexibility for their investments.

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