2024 Gold Bars and Coins

### 2024 Gold Bars and Coins

Gold Bars 2024

SwissBullion.eu offers an extensive selection of gold bars in various sizes for 2024, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, including popular sizes such as 1 ounce, 10 ounces, and 100 grams. All investment-grade gold bullion bars feature a minimum fineness of 999 and are LBMA approved. Our collection includes gold bars from renowned Swiss brands such as PAMP Fortuna, PAMP Lunar Series, PAMP Cast Gold Bars, Valcambi Gold Bars, Valcambi CombiBars, Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse Liberty Gold Bars, UBS Gold Bars, and Argor Heraeus Gold Bars. Most gold bars are manufactured on an ongoing basis, and are not released annually. However, both Argor-Heraeus and PAMP issue a lunar gold bar, avaialble in several sizes. The full range of lunar gold bars is available at SwissBullion.eu. Customers can purchase gold bars for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland or opt for delivery. Payments can be made using Bitcoin, Altcoins, Euros, Dollars, Pounds, and Swiss Francs.

Gold Coins 2024

SwissBullion.eu also features a comprehensive range of gold coins for 2024, ideal for gold investors. Our selection includes the Gold Maple Leaf, Gold American Eagle, Gold Krugerrand, British Sovereign, Philharmonic Gold Coin, Britannia Gold Coin and American Buffalo. Gold coins are available in both 1-ounce and fractional ounce sizes. Coins can be purchased individually, or in tubes of 10 or 20. Like our gold bars, all gold coins can be stored VAT-free in Swiss vaults or delivered worldwide. Purchases can be made with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, and Euros.

What is a Gold Coin?

A gold coin is a circular piece of gold issued by an official government body, bearing legal tender value. While most gold coins are circular, some are manufactured in the shape of an ingot. The nominal legal tender value is usually much lower than the gold content value, providing reassurance to some investors. For instance, a 1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf has a legal tender value of $50 CAD.

What are the Most Popular Gold Coins to Buy?

The oldest and most popular gold coins still minted today are the 1-ounce Gold Krugerrand and the Gold Sovereign. These coins remain favorites among gold investors due to their historical significance and investment potential. Both these coins are available as 2024 gold coins.

Secure Storage of Gold Coins

SwissBullion.eu offers secure vault storage for gold coins in Zurich, Switzerland. Storage is free for up to one year from the time of purchase. Clients can sell their holdings back to SwissBullion.eu at favorable rates or request delivery of their holdings at any time.

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