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Using Bitcoin to Buy and Sell Gold and Silver on brings great news for its clients as it continues to increase its acceptance of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in order to purchase precious metals. Now you can easily use Bitcoin for both buying and selling bullion on Buying gold and silver in Bitcoin is already a popular option for our clients, and Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency. is a pioneer in the precious metals industry in terms of its acceptance of Bitcoin and Altcoins to buy gold bars and coins. 

Clients can use Bitcoin to buy and sell gold bars, gold coins, platinum bars, platinum coins, silver bars, and silver coins on the website. The website also supports four different currencies including the Swiss Franc (CHF), the Euro (EUR), the American Dollar (USD) and the Pound Sterling (GBP). The addition of Bitcoins is part of the continued aim of to provide its clients with the latest and newest options regarding their precious metals investments. 

The Process

In order to use Bitcoin to buy and sell bullion products from, please follow the steps below:

View Live Precious Metals Prices in Bitcoin

Customers are able to view spot prices, portfolio values, and their account history in Bitcoin. Once you have selected Bitcoin as your preferred currency from the drop-down menu of the currency tab, you will be able to view all pricing information in BTC. This includes price charts for gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well as live metal spot prices. Clients may also view their cash balance and vault balance in BTC.

Why Buy Gold With Bitcoin began accepting Bitcoin as a currency in order to provide additional payment options in an increasingly popular currency. Bitcoin is used worldwide, essentially acting as a seamless payment option. Payments in Bitcoin are fast and take only minutes. This is a large contrast to traditional banking, where bank transfers can take several days, and can also be quite expensive depending on the origin of the transfer.  

Payment in BTC also eliminate the need for foreign exchange, which can also add additional costs to transactions for clients.

Clients my buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium in Bitcoin (BTC) for worldwide delivery or for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland. Clients that chose to store their purchase in Switzerland may request delivery or liquidate their position at any time. offers clients favourable rates on bullion that is bought back from storage.

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To make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, we offer the option to select your shipping country, preferred currency, and language. Please use the dropdown menus below to customize your preferences:
By selecting your preferred options, you will be able to view prices and shipping rates in your local currency and language, and be able to shop with ease.