1 Ounce 2022 Platinum Year of the Tiger Coin

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Número de serie No
Condición No circulado
Embalaje Cápsula
Manufacturer Perth Mint
1155.06 USD

Australian Perth Mint Lunar Series 999.5 fine Year of the Tiger 1 Ounce Platinum bullion coins. 

Coins are sold in new, uncirculated condition, and are sealed in a plastic capsule.

Design of the Lunar Tiger Coin

Each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The coin's face value, year of minting, and purity are all located on the front of the coin. Each 1 Ounce lunar Tiger platinum coin has a face value of $100 AUD. The coin's purity of 999.5 meets international standards for investment-grade platinum bullion. The reverse side of each coin features an image of a Tiger.

The Perth Mint Lunar Series

The Perth Mint lunar series is a series of 12 coins, each issued annually. The coins follow the Chinese Lunar calendar, each of which features a different animal that represents different qualities for the upcoming year, and for the personality of children born into that year. The Year of the Tiger is considered to be one of the most popular years, as it represents strength, power and leadership. The Tiger is also a protector of children. 

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is responsible for minting all legal tender coinage for Australia. The Mint also manufactures a number of precious metals coins for collectors and investors worldwide. These include the Lunar Series, the Koala and Kookaburra, and the Kangaroo coin. Gold and silver bars are also available from the mint.

Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Platinum has recently grown in popularity as an investment group metal. Platinum's demand by the automotive industry has pushed its value higher. Platinum coins are available in 1 Ounce size. Coins are more popular than bars for many investors, as they have a nicer design, and also are backed by an official government. Platinum coins for sale by the Perth Mint are recognized and coveted worldwide, as the Mint is one of the most famous manufacturers of precious metals products.

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