1 Kilogram Argor Heraeus Silver Bullion Bar

Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
Serial Number No
734.66 USD
4 Week Delivery

1 Kilogram Argor Heraeus silver bullion bar

Each bar contains 1 kilogram of 99.9% fine investment-grade silver bullion.

These bars are available for VAT-free Swiss storage. 

These bars feature the Argor Heraeus logo at the top, with the weight, fineness and serial number located beneath.

The 1-kilogram Argor Heraeus silver bar gives investors a chance to buy silver in large quantities. The front of the bar is engraved with the company’s logo. The logo consists of two concentric cycles with the company’s name “ARGOR HERAEUS” written around the logo. The company’s initials “AH” appear in the middle of the logo. The country of origin, weight, finer level, and serial number are also inscribed on the front.

The edge and the back of the bar are in roughcast. The bars come in protective plastic capsules. Buying cast silver is beneficial to investors because they pay lower premiums.

Features Of The 1 Kilogram Argor Heraeus Silver Bar

  • Each bar contains 1 kilogram which translates to 32.15 ounces of .999 pure silver.
  • The front of the bar has been formed via a moulding cast. The company’s logo, country of origin, weight, finer level, and serial number are also inscribed on the front.
  • The edges and the back of the bar are in polished roughcast. No inscriptions appear on the back.
  • Each bar is inscribed with a unique serial number from Argor-Heraeus.

Argor-Heraeus SA is one of the biggest gold refiners on earth and a manufacturer of bullion bars. The company is headquartered in Mendrisio located about 17 km from Lugano in South-Eastern Switzerland. The minting of bullion coins and bars takes place in Mendrisio. The company is privately owned by Heraeus Holding GmbH, Commerzbank International SA, the Austrian Mint, and Argor-Heraeus management.

The company was started in 1951 as Argor SA in Chiasso. The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) acquired 80% of the holding in 1960. The bank later acquired full ownership in 1973. Argor-Heraeus SA became a joint venture between Heraeus Holding GmbH and UBS. In 1999 UBS withdrew and Heraeus and management took over the company. Commerzbank International SA acquired shares in the company. In 2002, the Austrian mint acquired shares in the company.

The big precious metal refinery located in Mendrisio was established in 1988. In the same year, the mint was expanded. In 2004, the company opened its first office in Latin America in Santiago de Chile. The Representative Office is co-owned by Argor-Heraeus Deutschland. After field surveys that lasted for a decade, the company started a joint venture together with Aljbatech (Russia).

The joint venture focused on hard coating and DLC. In 2006, Argor-Heraeus started its second affiliate company in Italy under the name Argor-Heraeus Italia. In 2012, a new ancillary mint was opened to double the company’s production capacity. Within the same year, the company installed solar panels and an electricity production system as part of its commitment to sustainability. Apart from gold, the company refines silver, platinum, and palladium, and produces bars and other products.

Argor Heraeus uses wet chemical processing and electrolysis as the main gold refining methods. The company has an annual gold refining capacity of about 400 tons. The company produces a standard category of 9 cast bars, 11 minted bars, and 8 minted kinebars. The 1-kilogram Argor-Heraeus silver bar falls under the category of cast bars. Each bar comes packed in individual plastic packaging.

The Argor Heraeus series is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This Argor Heraeus silver series is available in sizes from 1 Ounce to 1 Kilogram. Bars are available for worldwide delivery and secure vault storage. 

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